Spectacle Planning

Innovative Presentation Of Shows

Lovely Celebrations pitches in perfect planning and streamlined execution in arranging innovation presentation of shows. We are versatile in arranging shows for fund raising programs which include skit, comedy, dance, music performances. The real success of such shows lies in keeping the entire crowd enthralled for the whole time.

We are here to keep you entertained.

Innovative Presentation
DanceFloor Arrangement

Dance floor Arrangement

Lovely Celebrations are experts in dance floor arrangement be it for a wedding, birthday party or any corporate celebration. Depending on the target audience we arrange the elaborate dance floor with perfect arc lights that get along with perfect moves.

Just hit the dance floor.

Dance Floor Arrangement


We understand the needs of the guests who want to take some memory from the special occasions they participate. So we arrange Polaroid facility where you can get instant photo copies with stunning backdrop which will keep you reminding. Even we arrange professional team with booths for taking some candid pictures.

Decorate your walls with memories.

Polaroid Facility
Juggler Act

Juggler Act

Just spice up the event with some magical touch. Yes our magician will keep the crowd entertained with his spooky, funny and intriguing acts. Our team has enormous contacts with professionals who can be arranged based on the budget.

All is not what you see through eyes

Juggler Act