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Lovely Celebration is an event management company started in 2015. Professionalism and perfection is our way of life. Our family only consists of professionals and experts in their fields. Quality is our priority and we are incessant workers. We are very innovative and contemporary when it comes to incorporating entertainment in events...

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Behind Every Event Is A Great Story

Holy Union And Nuptial Celebrations

Our team possesses great experience in meeting the requirements of the client when it comes to organizing marriages with no compromise on deadlines...

birthday celebrations

Birthday Celebrations

At Lovely celebrations, we believe that birthdays are important milestones in children’s lives and should be celebrated with lots of fun & excitement. Kids wait for entire year to celebrate this special day and all the surprising gifts...

Communal Gathering

Communal Gathering And Endorsements

Our Spark team will be assisting you throughout in bringing out the event with extravagant grandeur that will be lingering forever in the minds. The event will remain as a testimony of our astute...


Spectacle Planning

Lovely Celebrations pitches in perfect planning and streamlined execution in arranging innovation presentation of shows. We are versatile in arranging shows for fund raising programs...

AD Campaigns And Fostering

AD Campaigns And Fostering

Corporate will always aim for successful launch of innovations in such a way that draws the interesting crowd. Our team will determine the appropriate location for the launch...


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